Why You Need Me As Your Virtual Assistant/Advisor.

  • Diversified, experienced, personalized, and professional service that is just how YOU would do it. 
  • I’m an experienced and skilled assistant so there is very little time or money spent on training. 
  • I’m the assistant who is there only when needed…for one hour, or 100 hours. Why waste money when you can pay for the work as you need it. 
  • No worries about housing staff. I work remotely and out of my own fully-equipped office. You’ll never need to provide additional office equipment or software. 
  • More time to focus on your clients and sell new work. 
  • No more hassle dealing with agencies and temps. 
  • No overhead costs. 
  • Since I work as an independent contractor, employment taxes and employee benefits are never an issue. 

My History

With more than 10 years experience in the administrative and program management fields for the Federal Government, I have supported military and civilians of the 2, 3, and 4-star General ranking. I have supported and managed offices of 20 or more people ensure projects are completed on or before their deadlines and the correct priorities are assigned. Editing and formatting papers is one of my most sought-after skills and I am an advocate of the Oxford comma! I am very successful at keeping people organized, on track, and ahead of schedule. I take pride in my work and enjoy seeing others accomplish their goals. Make an appointment with me to find out just how I can support you in accomplishing your goals and help you focus on the important part of your business - growing it!